About Us

If you’ve already read the How It Works page, you’ve noticed that Propertypond.com isn’t like anything you’ve ever come across. That’s because Propertypond.com is the first rental property website built with REALTORS® in mind.

What Sets Us Apart


One of the many distinguishing features of Propertypond.com is the accuracy of its rental ads. Unlike many other rental websites, Propertypond.com employs full-time data compliance personnel to monitor data integrity and work with customers to ensure rental advertisements are accurate and up to date.

Map-Based Searching

Want to let a map guide you? You can with our map-based searching.

Ad-Reposting Capability

Did your property not rent as fast as you thought? Expired too soon? Not to worry. With Propertypond.com you can easily repost your ads.


Hate to write down every rental you find? Simply save a search or property under your Favorites to bookmark your place and save your work.

Best of All: Free

That’s right! All of this and more are available to you with your free account. No hidden fees, charges or mystery bills.

Other Useful Features:

  • rental market data & analysis features
  • property analysis and reports
  • expanding network of rental properties
  • expanding network of rental property professionals
  • powered by Metis™

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Wow! I am really impressed at the ease of use. I can't wait to help all those looking for a rental right now!”
Tonja Masina, Keller Williams South Valley Realty
“This is great! I have been wanting this type of rental solution for 8 years!”
Clint Carter, PDS Real Estate
“All I can say is cool, great job!”
Anne Ferris, New Millennium Real Estate
“This rental solution allows us to mold our ads to our homes instead of molding our rental ads based on website restrictions. Furthermore, it allows us to show case the house in an unmatched way that gives us a leg up and increases our phone calls from potential tenants. Put more simply, this website has made our jobs much easier and more effective.”
Ben Eckenroed, Utah Full Service Brokers

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